Warrington One-Day Conference 2014 – Feedback


Answers to the questions:

How was the event? What did you think of the venue? How well was the time used?
How relevant were the speakers? What was the catering like? Are you pleased you attended?
Would you like us to put on more frequent one day events? etc.

This was great. I learnt so much and I will be thinking on. My mum is a fully signed-up humanist and she brought me as I am a teacher with responsibility for SMSC (and some RE) in my Primary School. I will use lots I have thought about today in developing our work. I would be interested in other one day events. The venue was fine. I appreciate the costs being kept down.

Venue: good
Time usage: good
Relevance: good
Catering: good
Yes – I am pleased to have attended. The value comes as much from meeting people and chatting as from the talks.
I wouldn’t want these events to be more frequent. Life is very busy! Keep it as an occasional treat.

The conference was enjoyable and stimulating. The first section on the development of teaching aids for a humanist RE syllabus was not what I expected and bit indigestible (for me). Otherwise very stimulating talks from Richy Thompson & Alom Shaha.
Venue good. Food good.

Good event, interesting speakers, good catering.
Very pleased to have attended and would like to go to more such events.

Excellent event. Interesting, thought-provoking talks.
Venue was good. This is the second one-day event I have attended. They are excellent and I hope you run more.

Venue OK. Time well kept to. Lunch fine. Pleased I came.
The pre-organisation & details in the info we received was very good indeed.
Yes more events if they are as relevant as this one.

Excellent event
Very well organised.

Good venue – nice lunch – good speakers.
I’d have liked to have had more group exercises and interactive sessions.
Great networking too.

I liked the venue, but was glad when the air-conditioning was switched off as I felt cold in the morning session.
The catering was very good.
But most importantly I enjoyed all the speakers, I learned something, my viewpoint was changed (mainly by Alom Shaha) and it was good to make contact with the other people attending.
I am very pleased I attended and would like to come to other events.

All aspects of the event were quite excellent.
One day events – say; up to three per year – are very favourable for me.
Three day events are not suitable in my case.

High points for me:
Robin’s tour de force regarding his planning for RE.
Fair admissions – lots of useful information.
Alom Shaha – challenging & refreshing.

Good venue – convenient.
Enjoyed last speaker the most because it lead to interesting questions & some controversy.
Up until then nothing much new to think about – interesting but not really stimulating.
It was about things we already know.

Very good. Topics and speakers.
Kept to time – food quite good. Blank piece of paper for notes?

I would enjoy more one day events. The catering was ‘ok’– not ‘good’.
I am very pleased that I attended. I found Robin and Alom inspiring.
The speakers were very relevant – the time was used well.
I do not feel that any time was wasted.
I could have done with a few more breaks during the long talks but that is probably because I had a bit of a hang-over.

Yes – very refreshing to enter the fray and discuss / agree the various points.
Most impressed with Alom –
Something like this in Cumbria some time?
Well organised – well done!

As ever – thought provoking with lots of information.
Catering was very good – with many choices.
Very pleased I attended.

Enjoyed the event – venue was good – a lot of content: considering the amount of time allocated.
Pleased to attend – pleased to attend future events.

The whole event was worthwhile and informative.
Please have more like this.
Venue was excellent – as was the catering.
So glad I attended.

I’m very pleased I attended – the event was excellent.
Interesting – and well organised in every way.
Venue good – and central for people to get to.
Buffet and refreshments good.

Event? – Well organised, run, timed.
Venue? – Very good and right for the meeting.
Time use? – Breaks well laid out.
Speakers? – Good spread of topics.
Catering? – Excellent range of bites.
Pleased you attended? – Very.
More one day events? – Yes.


Answers to the question:

Any other comments?

Many thanks for the excellent organisation and ensuring none of our time was wasted.

Need more opportunities to get up and move – the chairs became very hard.

More group discussions and activities.

I would like more one day events but with speakers that give us something new (as when we had Raymond Tallis some years ago). Good food, good company, well organised – thanks.

Only put on events if you can guarantee good topics and speakers.
Don’t do then to a pre-defined timetable.
On attendance and cost effectiveness – how does it compare with previous conferences?

I have only recently associated as a humanist – I always find it inspiring and refreshing to be surrounded by like-minded people.

What about poets and their influence / input into the debate?

The separate sheets in the folder should have been stapled in their topics to prevent audience shuffling through the lot to find a particular sheet the speaker was referencing.